How to Get Rich in Mail Order

How to Get Rich in Mail Order is a concise, yet comprehensive guide revealing tried-and-true practices and professional techniques that will soon have you shaking checks, cash, and $ orders out of stacks of mail sent to you every day. Important principles, practices, and pitfalls have been charted in How to Get Rich in Mail Order to help you avoid costly mistakes and push you up the ladder of success quickly. The techniques and marketing strategies presented are the same ones I still use to hit the mail order jackpot again and again. Your turn can be next. You can get started with a minimal investment and maximize your profits to build a substantial business. You'll learn Melvin Power's money-saving, practical techniques, including how to: Sell virtually any product or service successfully by mail. Make small ads pull big. Test full-page ads practically risk free. Write winning headlines and use magic words that sell time after time.

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Book Title: How to Get Rich in Mail Order

Book Author: Melvin Powers

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ISBN: B000WM5632