Network and System Integration For Dummies?

Mixed networks confuse, infuriate, and often ruin the days and haunt the nights of network administrators everywhere. If you’ve been tasked with building or administering a mixed network, you know what it takes to get computers running competing operating systems—such as Windows, Mac and Linux, for instance—working together. It requires expert advice, up-to-the-minute technical information and tested-in-the-trenches solutions. A survival guide for anyone called upon to build or manage a mixed network, Network and System Integration For Dummies gives you all that and more. With this ready reference in your corner, you’ll have the confidence and know-how needed to: Design and set up a mixed network in less time and with fewer headaches Understand and master the differences between dueling platforms Get your machines communicating like old chums Anticipate problems before they happen Troub leshoot your system Administer your network from any location Be prepared with proven solutions to most mixed network challenges Network and System Integration For Dummies gives you easy-to-understand answers to all your questions about resource sharing, connectivity protocols, and other critical issues, including: How competing operating systems work Adding a new NOS to an old network Testing network connectivity Networking concepts that all machines can handle Sharing files and printers across platforms Using Message Transfer Agents to deliver email Setting up printers, external drives and other networked devices Centralizing control with Auditing Server Resources Managing users on a mixed network Securing a mixed network And just to make your job that much easier, this book comes with a bonus CD-ROM featuring: Diskcheck—a drive space monitoring utility Tripwire 2.0 for Linux—a security program NWQuota—a NetWare utility form managing the size of home directories Offering proven solutions to most mixed network headaches, this book is a lifeline for network administrators at the frontlines of the battle for network and system integration.

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Book Title: Network and System Integration For Dummies?

Book Author: Michael Bellomo,James Marchetti

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ISBN: 0764507745