From The Trash Man To The Cash Man

Myron Golden wrote From The Trash Man To The Cash Man as a means to help other people who wanted and book about wealth building made easy. The physical copy of the book has already sold over 139,000 copies world-wide. Myron Golden wanted to show others how to use the basic principles of personal finance to get rich or what ever level of wealth creation the reader desires. This is a practical book about personal finance. It is a simple guide to financial literacy. The subtitle of the book says it all. How anyone can get rich starting from anywhere. If you want to get out of debt, this book can help you. If you want to learn how to become a millionaire or how to become a multimillionaire, this book can help you. The financial principles are both powerful and simple. If you apply these wealth principles they will work for you. If you want some practical answers to the questions, how do I start and run a successful business or how to I teach my children about money, or what is the best way to plan for retirement? This book is for you. Look at what others are saying about From The Trash Man To The Cash Man:Allyson says:This book was a real eye-opener, and it changed my financial condition for the better. Thanks, Myron!Gregg Scott says:The Trash Man to the Cash Man is a great book. It outlines principles that my wife and I have been applying to our lives and getting results. It has inspired us to pursue the success we desire.Gregg and Lenika ScottJames Davis Jr. says:With all the gloom and doom talked about our economy, From The Trash Man To The Cash Man is the perfect book to help change your mind set about money. You will learn amazing principals that are not taught in school to give you the upper hand to empower and improve your family financial well-being.KimAlyse Popkave says:From The Trash Man To The Cash Man is a phenomenal book. What’s so great about it is it just makes sense.I teach these principles to my clients & my students, and I have given copies of this book as gifts.KimAlyse PopkaveProsperity Professor says:Myron, your book, The Trash Man to the Cash Mn, was the first book I read on self-improvment and professional development. I have read close to two-hundred more books since then on similar topics, and I firmly believe that you offer the best value for someone starting at ground zero. The Trash Man to the Cash Man is a must read.Marvin Nixon says:Because of this book my wife and I have a new out look on our future. We have learned so many principles that has helped us. We believe so much in this book and have recommended many copies to friends and family.Marvin and Syreeta NixonMyla Everett says:When I attended Six Figure Business School I read your book. At that time I was not sure what led me to the program, but since then my life has changed tremendously. The class filled a need in my preparation for where I am today. The book made so much sense then, and now that I can live it, I fully understand the principles. I also brought the book home to my son who now has a good foundation for his financial success.Myla EverettChiara says:FANTASTIC book Myron! Thank you for sharing your amazing story, experinece & knowledge with the world. You make a difference!Rich blessings,Maria Husbands says:From The Trash Man To The Cash Man has encouraged me a great deal. I now have the drive to go ahead and take the steps I need toward a better life. Misty Ward says:I actually read The Trash Man to the Cash Man in 1 day & I am not the type of person who enjoyed reading but this book was such an easy read & it had so many nuggets that I couldn’t put it down! Myron doesn’t hold anything back, he gives you all the information you need.If you are serious about learning to create wealth for yourself and your family, don't wait another minute! Get this book now and read it before you go to bed tonight. You will find that it is one of the best personal finance books you have ever read.

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Book Title: From The Trash Man To The Cash Man

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